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Some of the best photographs I have ever taken were on my old film camera when I was just starting out in the photography world. The nostalgia that they bring is quite something, but they do tend to just sit in a box or album and go nowhere. One of the best things I ever did was to digitise photos from my past and bring them into the 21st century. If you do it properly it can really do the old pictures justice and allows for them to be shared and collaborated upon with friends and colleagues. How Do You Digitise Photos? If you want to digitise photos and do not know how, then the first option available to you […]

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First of all you should take a tour inside the environment you need to photograph, and look through the camera, which angle strikes you most, which best enhances the subject you are photographing, whether it is a hotel room, a large kitchen a house to sell or any other real estate entity. Details in real estate photography When you have to photograph a real estate, you have to think about those little details, which will help you do the job perfect. Ambient light Ambient light represents the natural light inside a room and is certainly one of the most pleasant because it is a very delicate type of lighting, which evokes soft, diffused atmospheres and which gives a certain realism […]

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The ideal photographic equipment for interior photography Full Frame Camera To professionally photograph real estate, you need to purchase a full frame camera. The latter has a larger sensor than entry level or compact digital cameras. There are different types (from classic SLRs to mirrorless) and it’s up to the photographer to decide which is best for your needs. The reflex is one of the most used despite having a large body and a considerable weight, for this reason some prefer to focus on mirrorless to take advantage of an unparalleled lightness. Studio flash Studio flashes are more powerful flashes than hotshoes, they allow you to mount light modifiers, in a simpler way, and can be the sacred grail of […]

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