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Pictures that Sell

Commercial photography is used to best enhance a certain product to be sold, in the case of real estate photography, this is used to sell a property, house or hotel.

What is Interior Photography

Imagine buying a house or booking a hotel room. The web world offers various possibilities in this regard and is saturated with ads and photo galleries.

As a potential buyer you will be regurgitated in this dynamic and you will find yourself choosing the various options based on price and photos.

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Precisely the latter will deal, highlighting the differences and similarities between interior, real estate photographes a and commercial facilities.

Generally speaking, all genres agree in representing the interiors of a property in the best possible way, maximizing its advantages.

Unsurprisingly, more and more hotels and accommodations rely on a professional photographer to best represent their property.

Interior photography is a real specialty related to architecture as the photographer goes to immortalize a room, a bedroom or any other room taking into account the structure, the furniture and all those elements that can make a difference to the eyes of a visitor.

Precisely for this reason it is necessary to rely on a specialized figure, in order to change both the perception and the feedback of the public.

Hotel Photography and Accommodation Facilities

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The hotel and hospitality photography masterfully illustrates the beauty of the hotel rooms and all those common areas such as the reception, the restaurant, the gym, the Spa and all the other places that tip the scales when making a hotel reservation.

In this case the goal is to sell a “holiday” and then let the tourist choose a specific accommodation facility over another. The latest trends in presenting a property are to make an effective 360 ° photos and 3D virtual tours.

Also in this case, as in the previous speech, it is necessary to enhance the rooms as much as possible also using some strategies such as choosing the best angle, using lenses to increase the space of a room but without exaggerating so as not to mystify the general characteristics of the hotel. In this case you have to use a specific equipment and think in perspective.

Underestimating this can mean losing a reservation every day.