Revamping Your Garden Design Glasgow

Whether you’re looking to create a space for relaxation, entertaining or simply a more beautiful place to be, revamping your garden design is a great way to breathe life into your outside space.

Start by working out what you want your garden to do. Then plan the layout and hardscape accordingly. Garden design in Glasgow can transform any property for increased curb appeal and value.

Simple Bench

A simple bench is a great way to spruce up any garden area. It provides a comfortable spot to sit and relax and can also act as a place to store gardening tools.

If you’re looking to get creative with your bench, consider using cinder blocks. It’s an affordable, DIY alternative to a wood bench and can be built to a variety of heights.

Keep Grass Tidy

Keeping the lawn neat and tidy is important for a beautiful garden design. Mowing it regularly and removing stray clippings from pathways and driveways is a good way to keep your lawn looking its best.

You should remove no more than one-third of the grass’s height every time you mow. This helps to promote strong roots and healthy growth.

Focal Point

Focal points are an essential part of any landscape design. They create a sense of destination, draw your eye and guide your journey around the garden.

They can be anything from a tree to a statue, bench to a piece of art. The key is to use the focal point in a way that works within your garden theme.

Water Feature

Water features are a calming addition to any garden. They can range from simple birdbaths to a small pond or fountain.

Not only are they a soothing way to relax in your garden, but they also attract birds and other wildlife. They can be easy to add and require little maintenance.


A path unifies your landscape design and reduces lawn maintenance. It also adds a sense of drama that makes your garden feel more like an outdoor room.

You can create pathways from a range of spaces in your garden, such as gates, sheds, garden rooms, children’s play areas and other zones. It’s best to choose paths that are wide enough to accommodate two people side by side and have a durable surface.


Whether you’re looking to entertain, relax or socialise, a pergola is the perfect addition to your garden design. They’re a great spot to enjoy the outdoors and offer some much-needed protection from the sun.

They’re also a great spot to grow climbing plants like clematis, wisteria, ivy and grape vines. They look particularly spectacular on curved pergolas.


Adding a trellis to your garden is a great way to add height and interest. They can be mounted on a wall, used as a privacy fence or planted with climbers to create a screen in a courtyard garden.

Often more of a design feature than a basic fence, trellises can be enhanced with climbing plants like ivy or herbaceous perennials such as honeysuckle and jasmine.