The Benefits Of German Radiators

German radiators are one of the fastest growing electric heating solutions in the UK. They’re a popular choice for their modern design and energy efficiency.

They’re also more cost effective than traditional gas central heating. German radiators are also easier to maintain and come with plenty of environmental benefits.

Efficient Design

If you’re looking for energy efficient radiators, look no further than German electric models. These are renowned for being 100% energy efficient thanks to their ability to convert all the electricity used into heat.

They also have a digital thermostat that monitors temperatures and automatically turns the heater on when needed to keep your room perfectly warm. This is vital to ensure you don’t waste money and energy, or end up with a space that feels cold and uncomfortable.

As well as being incredibly energy efficient, they are also safer and more eco-friendly than traditional gas radiators. There are no bursting or leaking issues, and there’s no risk of carbon monoxide leaks like you can get with older heating systems.

Precision Thermostats

German radiators utilise precision thermostats that are accurate to within a fraction of a degree, meaning they never let your room temperature fall too low or rise above your ideal comfort level. With less energy wasted, your heating system will run more efficiently and cost you less to operate.

A traditional mechanical thermostat utilises metallic strips that expand and contract to detect changes in room temperature. This isn’t very precise, which means your heater is likely to overheat or underheat, wasting power.


The latest and greatest in heating technology and design means that a new radiator can last as long as the owner wants it to. The newest designs are often made from energy efficient materials such as aluminium and borosilicate glass, which makes for a much sturdier product. Most electric radiators will also come with a warranty that isn’t as restrictive as some of their gas and oil counterparts.

The best of the best will usually have a multi-year warranty so you can enjoy your heating solutions for as long as you like, with little worry about your bills or the state of the economy.

Wifi Control

Many WiFi enabled radiators can also be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant for quick voice control. This means you can adjust your heating settings from anywhere, ensuring that you never waste heat or money on unnecessary consumption.

Unlike many other systems, our smart radiators connect directly to your home router – there is no need for an extra gateway hub. This is much more reliable and convenient, and it’s especially useful for holiday lets and rental properties where you may need to create guest accounts.