House Clearance Glasgow: What You Should Know

House clearances are a common service that happens for many reasons. Some carry out a clearance for space purposes, preparation for moving property, or to clear a property that belonged to a deceased friend or family member. They are often time-consuming jobs that require a lot of sorting, organising, and heavy lifting. Some may decide to carry out the clearance themselves, however it can be incredibly time consuming and may be more difficult this way.

Here is everything you should know before you hire a removal company to carry out your house clearance in Glasgow:


What Is The House Clearance Process Like?

Firstly, you should research and find the right company to carry out the service. You are looking for a reputable, reliable, and affordable service to ensure the process is carried out as smoothly as possible. You should research this via the internet and then contact the firm to discuss what you need.

You should be ready to give them all of the appropriate information they need in order to carry out the job. For example, the size of the home and how much you are expecting to be removed. This is vital information for the company to decide how many people are needed, as well as a quote.

How Do You Prepare For A House Clearance?

You will be required to do some preparation before the removal takes place. This makes the process quicker, and easier for the company, and yourself. Here is ways to prepare:

  • Separate items into ‘keep’ and ‘bin’ categories. This may be through boxes or sticky notes.
  • Take down curtains, remove carpets, and other décor that may slow down the process.
  • Separate electronics from non-electronic items. TV’s and wires need to be disposed of using eco-friendly methods, therefore it is easier to keep these separate from other items.
  • Notify neighbours of the date of the clearance to make them aware of any noise and disruption.
  • Always let the company know what you would like done with the items. If you want some items to be delivered to a specific place and not disposed of, you should let them know this beforehand.


How Long is The Process?

The time spent on the job is varied depending on the size of the property, and the number of items inside. For a regular 3-bedroom home, it is estimated to take minimum 8 hours, and maximum 14 hours. This will again depend on how much work has been done beforehand, how organised the items are, and how much junk lives within the property.

Final Words

A house clearance is easiest when done by a removal company. They are fast and efficient at what they do and will save you more time than you think. The only responsibility that falls on you is to provide the right information and do some sorting and organising of items beforehand. The more organised items are, the less time spent on the job, and the less money it will cost.