architectural photography

Archictectural Photography Overview

Architectural photography is an exquisite sub-genre of the fine art photography field where the emphasis is on taking photos of buildings and other similar architectural constructions which are both historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing in terms of exact representations of their subjects. As such, the technical demands associated with this genre of photography are quite high as the photographer has to contend with not only accurate lighting conditions but also the intricacies of setting and use of props in the photograph which, if not properly executed, might detract from the main subject. Thus, when working with an architectural photographer, you should expect them to be highly skilled with the camera, be able to manipulate images quickly and produce striking images that will impress those who view them. But beyond that, an architectural photographer can go further and create a portfolio of work that he/she can show to prospective clients.

There are a wide variety of options available for photographers to choose from for the different types of architectural photography projects. While some individuals can specialize in landscape or cityscape work, others have an option to work with both architecture and photography. Some of these photographers will only work with large buildings, whereas others will take photos of parks, human habitats and structures like schools and offices. Architectural photographers are also expected to have an exceptional understanding of the technical requirements required to capture photos of buildings that are on the brink of collapse, as well as knowing how to handle and position themselves while they are doing the photo shoot. Architectural photographs can cover a wide range of topics like historical buildings, private housing and even urban farming and the like.

The style of architectural photography varies according to the kind of subjects one wants to take photos of. Urban photography normally covers buildings and residential areas, whereas natural photography covers cities and landscapes. Architectural photography can be broadly categorized into two disciplines; digital and traditional photography. Digital photography involves using electronic cameras to take photos of buildings and the environment whereas traditional photography concentrates on traditional methods like taking shots with film. A combination of either digital or traditional techniques is used to create the desired effect in the photograph.